Monitoring and Operations

CONDUIT has a diverse range of solutions to help you achieve and maintain operational excellence. Current business environments are extremely complicated and distributed, generating massive amounts of information that your systems are processing and storing. You need accurate and timely details so that you can identify and mitigate incidents before they wreak havoc on your operations.

CONDUIT helps you achieve real-time visibility into your environment, with centralized event collection and correlation that can provide actionable intelligence.

Also Modern enterprise environments present a myriad of potential attack vectors that can be exploited to compromise the integrity of your data assets, critical systems and applications. Validating the effectiveness of your security controls and identifying unknown deficiencies is essential to maintain a comprehensive security program.

CONDUIT’s testing and assessment services help you identify vulnerabilities and determine a plan to remediate issues and manage risk. Our breadth of capabilities and unsurpassed skills allow us to analyze nearly any technology, protocol or device that can represent any relevant threat community.

Incident Response

It is critical that your organization takes an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of an attack or security breach. Doing so enables you to effectively contain and remediate your issues and add safeguards against future attacks. When you have a security incident, CONDUIT helps your organization limit its exposure, potential damage, recovery time and cost.