• Birdstep’s extensive experience working with global operators in developing their HetNet optimisation strategies is unparalleled.
  • Helping customers balance traffic over multiple network types at the core of Birdstep’s products.
  • There are a multitude of ways to generate additional revenue, lower costs and improve margins when offering voice and data services from multiple partners. Birdstep’s Smart Solution Suite can give you a clear picture of network performance and allow you to make intelligent business decisions to improve the bottom line.
  • Adding value to mobile devices by including embedded data service options is a proven Birdstep capability. Our Smart Solution Suite can help you maximize your potential revenue from the initial stages of exploring data opportunities to a full Wi-Fi partner strategy.
  • Wi-Fi is an integral element of all network optimisation strategies and Birdstep is the expert in maximising the use of Wi-Fi. Our Smart Solution Suite will help you understand Wi-Fi network performance to determine product offerings as well as help find ways to prioritise the use of Wi-Fi to limit the cost of roaming on cellular networks.