• GSM : Poynting Antennas for LTE (4G), 3G (HSPA), 2G (EDGE, GPRS) used for mobile and fixed wireless solutions.

  • SMALL CELL SOLUTIONS : Poynting offers small cell base station solutions that is unobtrusive and blend into the environment. These solutions can be used with any vendor radio equipment.

  • CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS : Poynting has the R&D capabilities to customise antennas to your requirements. We can integrate antenna solutions for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

  • WiLAN : Antennas for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless networks. Most of our WiLAN products will accommodate your electronics in the antenna enclosure.

  • DIGITAL TV : Poynting Antennas and solutions for terrestrial digital television.

  • END OF LINE : Have a look at the end of line products which can be used with your legacy electronics.