IT & Network Solutions

Bandwidth and Policy Control

One of the most common complaints that IT administrators receive is that the Internet is slow. But no one seems willing to understand is that it is not your fault that the Internet is slow. In fact, the problem is not a lack of bandwidth, but is instead caused by the existing bandwidth being used inefficiently, or by it being eaten up by high bandwidth, non-work related websites.

CONDUIT’S Bandwidth Control allows you to better manage the bandwidth consumption on your network, including controlling and visualizing the use of your network at a fine-grained level.

CONDUIT offers you a powerful toolkit to ensure you can apply a fair Internet usage policy across your network, allowing everyone in the company to use critical Internet applications without being bogged down by useless bandwidth demands. Use Bandwidth Control to assign data transfer quotas to users, guarantee bandwidth, punish unauthorized usage, and prioritize or de-prioritize sites. Other Salient features are;

  • Limit abusers' bandwidth when using unwanted protocols, like BitTorrent or P2P.
  • Give different users and/or groups different bandwidth usage rights.
  • Give important servers and services bandwidth reservations.
  • Track and monitor bandwidth usage and bandwidth abusers.
  • Troubleshoot bandwidth-related network slow-downs.
  • Assign per-user, per-site, and per-application quotas.
  • Guarantee Network bandwidth for users and/or applications.
  • Limit hosts to certain hourly/daily/weekly bandwidth quotas.
  • Punish unauthorized network usage attempts by rate-limiting network connections for users that violate Acceptable Usage Policies