Homeland Security


For law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and other government agencies, CONDUIT offers solutions for both nationwide strategic and tactical cellular interception.

Our nationwide solutions integrate cellular intercepts with intercepts originating from other sources, such as voice, fixed IP and Wi-Fi networks, to create a comprehensive and meaningful intelligence picture. We provide agencies with sophisticated geographic information systems (GIS) and location analysis tools to further broaden the intelligence picture with geographic insights. Locate cellular mobile phones and satellite phones, Enrich intelligence with our embedded analysis tool, some of our distinguished interception tools and services include the following;

  • GSM Interception
  • GSM Passive Interceptor – Radius
  • GSM Active Interceptor
  • GSM/UMTS Grabber
  • Satellite Interception
  • Thuraya Tactical – Monitoring Capabilities
  • Inmarsat Interception System
  • CDMA Interceptor
  • Laser Audio Interception
  • Wifi Interceptor
  • WiFi Interceptor – Implementation modes
  • Wifi Interceptor - Applications
  • Lawful Interception & Internet Monitoring
  • LI – Architecture
  • Lawful Interception – Data Networks