Market Sector

Mobile Operator

CONDUIT provides in-house developed technical solutions for mobile operators and complements them with innovative business models. We allow MNOs to offer new services to their subscriber base and generate additional revenue through the use of our technologies, globally distributed sales network and our established enterprises customer base.

Our carrier-grade MNO solutions include a range of high performance A2P messaging platforms, advanced filtering solutions at SS7 level, advanced USSD gateways for MNO integration. By enhancing network performance and exposing new MNO services to clients from all sectors, we are able to generate significant additional revenue for MNOs around the world.

Driving business differentiation
In the Networked Society, people depend on networks to help them connect with each other and improve their lives and businesses. In this new world, operators are under pressure to maintain quality of service, differentiate them from the competition and promote end-user loyalty. Operators can meet these challenges by entering into managed services partnerships with experts that assume responsibility for activities such as designing, building, operating and managing day-to-day network operations.

No two operators are alike and we have created a range of managed services models that we use to manage networks that serve 1 billion subscribers worldwide. The traditional telecom managed services model focuses on reducing cost and shielding complexity. Our experience-centric managed services model, meanwhile, aligns service delivery with the operator’s strategic and business objectives, securing a customer experience-centric operation that proactively drives business innovation. Finally, our sharing models, such as the wholesale network sharing model, are focused on structural efficiency and enabling new business models, giving operators maximum flexibility.

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