Product Development

At Conduit, we are solely focused on combining the technology solutions together with our innovative thinking to provide our client industry solutions. Using award-winning technologies, knowledge process outsourcing and on-demand services impact has led us to giving our valued customers with unique business products and solutions for productivity and growth.

Success in commercial software product development demands a level of partnership, collaboration and engagement that goes beyond traditional outsourcing. Commercial software product development demands a unique focus on upfront design and architecture to create “product platforms” that offer core functionality and provide configurability for a wide range of usage scenarios, including the flexibility needed to sustain multiple product generations. Given the need to support complex deployment requirements, software products also require extensive testing across a range of platforms and usage scenarios as well as the ability to extend the product functionality through professional services.

CTPL has years of experience in developing and maintaining products for established companies & Startups. We develop and maintain state-of-the-art, on premise and cloud-based products and solutions that provide a superior, dedicated, and comprehensive platform for the evolving needs of businesses in the healthcare, retail, E-Commerce, manufacturing and many other industry segments. The deployment model includes web based platforms, client server, mobile and handheld.