Homeland Security


CONDUIT’S surveillance systems can help LEA’s and other companies ‘monitor and manage’ the risks of today’s insecure environment. Threats of theft, violence, terrorism, civil disturbance and other incidents are an everyday reality for civilians, businesses and government entities. A professionally designed and installed surveillance system helps ease those worries, thereby preventing loss of life, property and assets.

We offer Video surveillance systems that are fully customizable to meet the unique needs of any organization. Our video management and analytics solution can detect precisely the problematic events on real time basis rather than scrutinizing hours of captured footages. Our range of spying products is the best ones for any Law enforcement agency, intelligence and defense organizations. Apart from these we provide complete range of metal detectors, body scanners, chemical scanners and shoe scanners. All components of a surveillance system from CONDUIT are designed with one thing in mind – providing new levels of enhanced security. Our surveillance services include but are not limited to the following;

  • Spyglass
  • Law mate
  • Mini (Covert) Audio Recorders
  • Night Vision Cameras & Thermal Detectors
  • Professional Radios
  • Wireless Transmitter Receiver
  • Portable AV Relay System
  • Security Suitcase
  • Bomb Disposal Suites
  • Shoe Scanner
  • Bottle Liquid Scanner