Why Us?

Our Process Solutioneering® Approach When it comes to implementing process improvement, we don't just apply processes, we engineer process solutions. This is a fundamental difference between Conduit and too many other Vendors. Instead of building processes into the way things work at a company, they lay processes on top of existing activities. How, exactly, is that a better way to do business?! How is that process improvement?

We've learned that way too many process organizations look at whatever process model or standard they are working with as though it is constant and immutable and look at the organization they're working with as though it must bend and twist to meet the expectation of the model.

That's NOT how we work!

We look at the company and its success as what must be kept constant and that the practices of a process must be variable to meet the needs of the organization. This approach allows process implementation to be lean and agile, and to operate well regardless of the size of the organization.

Our way, processes are truly integrated into the organization. We work closely with our clients to acculturate their organization to the processes and to ensure that all stakeholders have a say in the process, not just the process subject-matter experts or appraisers/auditors. With our process solutioneering™ approach, processes really do become about the long-term success of the organization, not just the short-term and disruptive pseudo-achievement of a snap-shot assessment. It takes a special aptitude to do process solutions, and most companies don't have what it takes. This special aptitude sets Conduit apart from nearly any other company.

If process implementation built into your already working way of being successful isn't how you're experiencing process "improvement" implementation, please let us know. We'd be glad to talk to you about it and look for a real solution.

We know what is important to you.


We're different because we actually take your goals and your mission and we put them at the center of what we will accomplish. We take a partnership approach to our work. By making what's important to you important to us, we ensure that our work will result in your doing business better, faster, more cost efficiently, and achieve immediate results.

We loath typical vendors and process consultants who just plug whatever they sell without regard to your needs and what works well for you.We despise short-sighted "salesy" approaches that "close" clients on "deals" when they ought to beenrolling them in ideas that are created together.If this isn't how you experience consulting, we're truly sorry.

How often have you said (or heard) this?

"We had these consultants in here, and though they were smart they didn't tell us anything." or "We spent a lot of money but we never got anywhere." or "They kept telling us to do [things] their way... What happened to the way we do business? ! It seemed like they had their own game plan all along."

Our clients never say the above about us.

What they do say is: "You've given me more information in 40 minutes than I've gotten out of anyone else in days of interviews. And we haven't even hired you yet!" AND "We didn't believe your prices or your approach when you said that there were no loss-leaders or hidden costs. You're genuinely looking out for our best interests, why don't we let you suggest to us how much of your time we'd need." AND "You've asked us important questions about our company that previous consultants never asked and didn't seem to want to know. Your whole approach is different." AND "We like that you're starting with what we know works well for us. You're not looking to make us change what we do to match some outside requirements, you're turning that around -- showing us how what already works can demonstrate that we already comply."

We like to work hard. We hate to work stupid. We don't think you ought to work stupid either.

The above illustrate the contrasts between "Working stupid" and "Working hard". Anything that causes you to waste time or money simply because you're missing a good way of getting things done is "working stupid". It's doing things many times over because there's no process to get it done right the first time. It's having to work around a tool, technology, or rule to get things done. "Working stupid" is different people doing the same thing not knowing someone else is doing it. It's not knowing what needs to get done, by whom, when, where and why. It's doing things without any idea of how effective it will be, either before you do it, or worse, even after you've done it. "Working stupid" is thinking your company is so different that these business truths don't apply.

We "get it."

At Conduit, we're passionate about working with companies who "get it" and we love the energy created when others "get it" too. We won't couch what needs to happen to get you results. We promise very specific actions designed precisely for your business, and you will see results quickly. Give us a few moments and you'll know exactly why you'll want to work with us.